Vehicle Accident Guide

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What to do in the event of an vehicle accident

  1. Stop your vehicle if it is clear & legal
  2. If in the way of other traffic put hazard lights on & move safely to the curb or verge
  3. Turn the ignition key off
  4. Check everyone in the vehicle is ok – if there are injuries dial 111 for an ambulance. All injuries must be reported to the Police
  5. If there are witnesses ask for their name & phone no’s
  6. Ask to see the other driver’s license and write the number down
  7. Assess the damage to your vehicle – is it safe to drive or do you need a tow truck?
  8. If possible use a camera or mobile phone to photograph the damage or sketch a picture of what happened
  9. Exchange insurance company details do not make any statements with regards to fault.
  10. Get a copy of the police report or incident number

Vehicle accident & repair facts you should know:

  • Accident Report Information Gathering GuideYou have the right to choose your repairer.
  • Only you the owner can authorize repairs on your vehicle
  • You don’t have to accept any repairer the tow company or insurance company suggests – it will not affect your claim.
  • You are not required to get more than one estimate
  • Repair estimates will vary; a lower estimate may not include necessary things.
  • It’s your vehicle make sure it is repaired to your satisfaction

***View and download our Accident Report Information Gathering Guide and always keep it in your car.***

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